Consupl@n Print

Consupl@n is an integrated tool for private practice management which is meant to facilitate all data treatment related to doctor appointments: it enables a faster and more efficient control over the gathered information, and it includes advanced services of communication with the patients. 

The health sector is highly competitive, that is why the investment on the excellence of customer service is essential. Private practice serves a demanding market, which pays good money for quality service, and quality greatly depends on the efficacy of the communication with the client.

With Consupl@n you can effectively explore communication channels via SMS (Short Message Service) which offer advantages such as the reduction and rationalization of costs and the increase of revenues.

Through this tool, your office, laboratory or clinic can be in direct contact with patients by using SMS, since it enables communication in a reliable, fast and discrete way, without disturbing your client. 

This application also permits a centralized management of the patientsí database, the scheduling of messages or notices to remind patients of the date and time of their appointments, among other services which are crucial to the good performance of your team.

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